Handsome Brut: 1 / Champagne: 0

Get out of the way, Champagne!

You probably know that “Champagne” comes from the French region of the same name, and that the word “Champagne” can only officially be applied to sparking wines of that region.

But did you know that the process for making sparkling wine was actually first detailed and understood by an English—yes, English!—scientist? Mais, oui! The world owes a great debt to Christopher Merret and his 1692 publication on the matter (with some advocates suggesting that the British were producing “Champagne” before Champagne was).

Handsome Brut is a serious player

Handmade in the traditional method from 100% Ontario Chardonnay (from the Niagara Peninsula appellation, if that sort of thing matters to you), Handsome Brut is a serious player in the world of great wine.

What’s the deal with “traditional method”?

What is the traditional method? Think of it this way: some sparkling wines are made by carbonating a still wine, just like soda pop is made. The resulting wine is certainly bubbly, but the bubbles are generally considered to be lacking in finesse, and the wines lacking in complexity.

Don’t get us wrong; we love soda. In fact, bubbles are the key to enjoying many foods, so if you’re wondering what to serve with Handsome Brut, follow a simple rule: if it’s something you’d serve beer or soda pop with—spicy chicken wings, pizza, chips, pretzels, you name it—you can serve Handsome Brut with it.

Traditional method is the gold standard—the wine is crafted in such a way that it undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, where it also spends two years aging. This long aging makes it extra delicious and, we think, extra handsome.

But it’s not just for special occasions

In spite of the care that goes into it, Handsome Brut isn’t just for special occasions. Just like your favourite craft beer, it will be a welcome guest at any gathering, from parties to picnics.

And don’t get too fussy with the glassware. Handsome Brut is happy anywhere, from a fancy flute to a water glass. Our preference? A small draught glass (if you like, you can pick up some custom-made Handsome Brut glasses at Angels Gate Winery).

Chill—and chill out

For optimum fizz, make sure your bottle is chilled, and then simply tilt your glass when you pour—same as you would for beer.